Section 1 – Short Answers (20%)

80 marks: spend 30 minutes
How should I approach Section 1 – the short answers?
  • Answer ALL 10 questions
  • All answers will be marked and your best 8 will be chosen
  • Two clear points should be provided for each answer, be precise in this section
  • RTQ: Read the Question carefully and answer what is asked
  • i.e. illustrate, means support answer with an example
  • No one word answers will suffice

Section 2 – Applied Business Question (ABQ) – (20%)

80 marks: max 40 minutes
Compulsory for Higher Level
Consists of a short text and questions on Units 3,4,5
How should I approach Section 2?
  • Recommend pupils to focus on question and highlight with a highlighter what the question is   looking for
  • Read the text and highlight any key phrases that pupils may apply to their answers
  • How to answer: Exam technique

1. State the point

2. Explain/expand/develop the point – using applied business knowledge learnt from the previous two years.  This is an opportunity for pupils to show off their knowledge incorporating key business terminology

3. Link/Refer to the text

Section 3 – (60%) divided into two parts: Part 1 and Part 2

Each question worth 60 marks: max 25 minutes, 4 questions must be answered
Pupils must answer one question from Part 1(Unit 1 - People in Business/ Units 6 & 7 – Business Environment) and two questions from part 2(Units 2-5, covering Enterprise, Management, and Business in Action) and the final question from either part 1 or part 2
How should I approach Section 3?
  • Firstly read ALL seven questions (even the quotations which are written before the questions) and place a tick beside the questions a pupil feels most confident in
  • It is important pupils take their time, be clever as choice of question is important
  • To answer questions, pupils must
    • State the point
    • Explain the point
  • Once the question is answered, RTQ again to ensure staying on the point
  • Always incorporate key terms and phrases
  • Pupils must know their verbs
    • Evaluate (very common) give the advantages
    • Define: exact meaning of
    • Distinguish: show the difference and so on…

 How long should my answer be?

  • In most cases the total marks should be divided by 5 and this is the number of points required (5 marks per point, 2 to state and 3 for explanation)
  • Often the question will give the required number of points required.  If in doubt write an extra point
  • More important to have quality rather than quantity
  • Key terminology is what is looked for

5 Pointer Tips (TAFSC)

  1. Timing – maximum marks for efficient time keeping
  2. Answer ALL questions and remain in exam hall for the duration of exam
  3. Focus on question, attentive to question and answer the question
  4. Everything must be done in point structure i.e. NO essay style answers.  Best technique to use is: State, explain and support using examples where possible
  5. Take time when Calculating tax questions and SHOW ALL WORKINGS