Section 1 - Reading comprehension (120 marks):

There are two pieces of text and questions from both must be answered.
Q.1. Literary passage: this text is generally taken from a novel and it takes a narrative form. There maybe a long piece of dialogue.
Q.2. Journalistic passage: a text dealing with contemporary matters.

Note the following points:

  • The sections of the texts will be numbered, and the questions may relate directly to these sections and make sure your answers address the sections specified.
  • Answer the question asked and don’t try to impress the examiners by providing more than  what you have been asked.
  • Be careful with grammar. For example if you are asked about the author of the text where he or she uses“Je”, rephrase the comment using the appropriate pronoun, “Il / Elle” etc.

Section 2: Written assignments (100 marks):

There are four questions in this section, you must answer Question 1 and any two other questions
Q.1. carries (40m) and relates directly to the comprehension text of Section I, and you are required to write 90 words. (Approx. 10 sentences)
Q.2. (30m) can be one of the following  diary entry(2010), a formal or informal letter, a message, or an e-mail (2010),you are required to write 75 words. (Approx. 8 sentences)
Q.3. (30m) Personal reply to a magazine article. (75 words, approx. 8 sentences)
Q.4. (30m) Personal reply to a magazine article or cartoon. (75 words, approx. 8 sentences)