German Exam

The German exam is given at two levels at Leaving Cert - ordinary and higher. The exam for both levels takes the same format. Students have to complete an oral exam prior to the written paper, this is generally held in the two weeks after the Easter mid-term. Students should practice speaking German  as often as possible prior to the exam.

The oral exam takes between 10-15 minutes  and the examiner examines students on their pronounciation ,vocabulary,structure  and communication skills.

The oral exam is worth 20% for ordinary level and 25 % for higher level.

The aural exam takes place the day of the exam and generally lasts for about 40 minutes, this tests students listening and comprehension skills. Students listen to different passages,dialogues etc.

The aural exam is worth 25% for ordinary level and 20 % for higher level.

The written paper tests students written, reading and comprehension abilities.