4 Tips for After the Mocks Exams

Author: Dan Keating/08 February 2017/Categories: Leaving Cert, Junior Cert

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Tips & Advice for after your Mock exams

You may have sat mock exams recently and - after your mock exams you may be feeling a mixture of emotions, for some this will be your first taste of what is to come at the end of the school year, so well done for getting through it. 

Anyone who has a stressful period needs time to decompress ...

Here are a few things we suggest you do in the week following your final mock exam….

1. Put your books away

You have spent the last couple of months seemingly with your face in your books. You are with them all day at school and then they are lingering around you all evening, when you study. Students need some space. Put the books you used to study in a wardrobe or cupboard; somewhere out of sight. You are finished with them for now so keep them out of sight and out of mind for the time being. Don’t throw them away though…you will need them again!

2. Take a bath

It is incredible the effect that stress can have on your body. You may not notice it initially but if you are stressed you are more likely to tense; this will not be nice on your muscles. You may also not be eating and sleeping as well as you should and this will definitely have a knock-on effect. The exam period was tough and now it is time to relax. Taking a bath relaxes your muscles, makes you clean and also give you some breathing space. The mental and physical benefits of taking a bath will surprise you!

3. Invest Time in Your Hobby

Your hobby may be horse-riding or football or sewing or reading. Whatever it is, I am sure you have not had a lot of time to do it lately. You may feel pretty exhausted and not want to do much of anything but investing time in your hobby has great benefits. For one, it is using you brain which may have been working overtime recently. Thinking and learning so much may have seemed tough but you will not be doing yourself any favours by stopping it all at once. Also, your hobby is what you love doing so keep it up; it will keep you happy and give you a sense of achievement.

4. Spend time with family and friends

Your social life may have been pretty non-existent whilst studying and although your family are always around it is hard to spend any time with them when you have your head in books. Not many people need convincing into hanging out with their friends but if you feel you’ve lost touch a bit then be the first to make contact. Don’t be shy as most people your age will have experienced the same things with the exams, plus there may be a lot of other things to talk about! Reconnect and have as much fun as possible! Family are important too, even if it just helping your Mum with dinner or chatting with your Dad over a cup of tea. Nobody loves you like your family; spending time with them will ensure you how important you are in their lives and how happy they are with you.


All of the help and advice you found whilst studying for the mocks will apply to your Summer exams. The mocks are literally a practice run and you got through it. So take some time to relax, try to enjoy yourself as much as possible and remember this experience, the good and the bad, it will help you so much in the Summer.



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