Why should I become an A-Grade user?

Become an A-Grade user for €5.99/month or €45.99/year to get access to:

- In-depth revision notes that are expertly written

- A1 Grade Sample answers. 

- Unseen Exam Papers

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I’m an A-Grade user, how do I get access to these premium notes?

To gain access to the wide range of notes on our site, simply navigate to the relevant section on the menu bar, whether it is Junior Cert or Leaving Cert, select the subject, enter the A-Grade section, and from there you can choose what notes you want to download. 

I'm being asked for a password when I try to download my notes, what is it?

When you have selected the notes that you want to download, you’ll be prompted to enter in a password. Don’t worry! The password will be the email address of the account you used to register with us - please note: the password in this instance is case sensitive, so ensure that you type your email address in exactly as you had registered, for example, if you registered using JoeBloggs@Mocks.ie, this is what your password would have to be. Once this is done, you’ll be able to download the notes.

If you are having any difficulties with this, please email info@mocks.ie

I have chosen to register with a Basic Account; what do I have access to?

As a Basic Account user, you won’t have access to the same benefits as listed above, which is why we do recommend you signing up for an A-Grade account, but you will still have access to a wide-range of utilities, such as:

Online/MCQ tests

Quick revision notes

Exam creator

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… and much, much more!

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Who writes your eNotes and Sample Answers?

We have a number of contributors across Ireland, from Teachers to A1 Achieving students.  

All our content is written to A1 standards for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert.

How can you contribute to our website and what can you get for this?

Have some notes that you’re proud of and have received an A from your teacher? Scan them or take a clear image, so that the notes are legible and complete, email them to us at info@mocks.ie – the corrections (and marks) from your teacher have to be clear, and we’ll give you free access to A-Grade notes.

What is an MCQ exam and how does it work?

Mocks.ie online Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) are quick and free exams that can test your knowledge on a particular subject, giving you a score at the end.

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Do you have a mobile app? 

Yes, we do! Mocks.ie is pleased to say that we have released a new Android app that was released December 2015, which gives you full access to all the features of the website, but from the ease of your smartphone/tablet device!

You can download it from the Play store!


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