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Junior Certificate Timetable - 2016

Some important dates for your diary


The 2016 written examinations are starting on Wednesday 3th June, 2016 and will finish on Thursday 18th June, 2016

Junior Certificate Oral Timetable 2016 - January 2016

Optional Junior Certificate Oral Examinations in Irish, French, German, Spanish, Italian

Prepare for the oral exam with oral exam service.


Junior Certificate Written Timetable 2016

8th June 2016 - Written Junior Certificate Examinations commence.

Prepare for the written exams with our:

Arrangements for Candidates with Physical, Visual, Hearing and Learning Difficulties  


General Information

Candidates with permanent or long-term conditions, including visual and hearing difficulties, or specific learning difficulties, which they believe will significantly impair their performance in the examinations may apply to the State Examinations Commission for a reasonable accommodation(s) to be made to facilitate them taking the examinations.

The reasonable accommodations are intended to:

  • remove, as far as possible, the impact of the disability on the candidate's performance and thus enable the candidate to demonstrate his or her level of attainment and
  • ensure that, whilst giving candidates every opportunity to demonstrate their level of attainment, the special arrangements will not give the candidate an unfair advantage over other candidates in the same examination.

All applications for reasonable accommodations are considered in light of a published Framework of Principles as set out by the Expert Advisory Group on examinations. More information is available on