Choosing your leaving cert subjects

Choosing your leaving cert subjects

Choosing your Leaving Certificate subjects . . .

Deciding on what subjects you wish to study for your leaving certificate can be a quite overwhelming task for many. To date you have been subscribed your subjects of study stemming from early primary school right through to now. Chopping your avenue of study from the typical 9-12 subjects down to just 7 can prove to be a challenging task, especially with what seems to be an endless series of “terms and conditions”.  You come to feel like a consumer as the teachers compete for your ‘custom’, peers are encouraging you to follow their lead, siblings are offering you their ‘A-grade guaranteed’ grind notes if you choose their subject of choice and  third-level institutes, you feel are limiting your options. It is time you took a step back, compose yourself, analyse the facts, put things into perspective and decide accordingly.

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