Junior Cert Aural Exams

Improve Your Aural Exam Performance and Technique

The Listening Comprehension (Aurals)
The marks allocated for the listening comprehension varies with the subject and the level at which you are being examined. The Aural generally accounts for between 15% to 25% of your overall mark. The listening comprehension tests your ability to understand the language when spoken by native speakers, the more familiar you are with the subject the better you will do.
The more you listen to tracts of speech the more you will familiarise yourself with the language. We have lots of free samples of different languages to listen to.
Practise - Listen to as many aural pieces as possible. This will familiarise you with the language.

Listen carefully to the instructions that you are given at the start of the exam.

Read all the questions - this will give you an idea what you are to look out for in the piece.
Each section is played at least twice –
  • The first time the piece is played – listen out for the answer. Don't panic if you don’t understand everything, just be careful to listen out for keywords.
  • The second time the piece is played – write down your answer.
  • The third time the piece is played – check over what you have written down to make sure it is right.
Attempt each question - don't leave blanks
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