Junior Cert Home Economics

Junior Cert Home Economics helpful information:

General Information

Home Economics

Home Economics is a subject where you will learn how to take care of yourself,others,your home and your environment.AsHome Economicsis a very practicalsubject,you will carry out a lot of activitiesin school and at home.

What will I learn in Home Economics?

Some of the things you will learn about are:

  • your body - what is good to eat and how to keep healthy
  • food - how it nourishes your body, how to choose it, store it, and how to prepare and cook it
  • using money - how to spend it wisely, how to save it, and how you are protected as a consumer
  • your home - about design in the home, about safety and hygiene
  • design and craftwork, child development, textiles- you will carry out a project in one of these areas.

How will I learn Home Economics in school?

Some of the things you may do with your teacher and classmates are:

  • follow recipes and cook dishes, in pairs and on our own
  • carry out projects on foods
  • use textbooks,DVDs, computer programs and other materials
  • hand and/or machine sew to make small items for yourself or your home.

Some other things that will help you learn in class are if you:

  • ask questions
  • take notes
  • keep a file of your work and your recipes
  • suggest things to cook and make
  • keep a file of interesting ideas for your craftwork or textiles.

How can I learn more about Home Economics outside of school?

Some of the things you may do are:

  • cook dishes at home
  • if you are eating out,take note of menus, prices, etc.
  • use a library,magazines and the internet for information and ideas on food, household items and design
  • watch cookery and interior decoration programmes on television
  • look at fashion magazines for design ideas
  • when shopping for clothes, look at the care labels and the type of fabrics used.

You can get your family to help by:

  • organising your food for cookery class
  • tasting what you cook.

How will I know how I am getting on?

Your teacher will let you know:

  • what you did well
  • what you need to improve
  • what you could do to improve.

You will know when you are doing well when:

  • you can read and follow a recipe
  • you can organise, prepare and cook a good meal
  • you can make an item e.g. a cushion for yourself or your home.

What is the Home Economics Junior Certificate exam like?

In Junior Certificate Home Economics you will be examined in three ways:

  • coursework - with help of your teacher, you will choose a project from one of the following areas:Child Development,Design and Craftwork or Textiles Skills
  • a practical cookery exam - you will have a one and a half hour practical cookery exam which involves preparing and cooking food
  • a written examination - you will also have a written exam,which you can take at Higher or Ordinary level. When the time comes to decide, your teacher will help you choose the level that suits you best.

Is learning Home Economics anything like what I did in primary school?

In SPHE and SESE: Science you will have learnt about your body, how to care for it and the correct foods to eat. You will have made some items in Visual Arts which will be useful when you start sewing in class.You will have weighed and measured items and materials in Mathematics.You will have studied topics related to the family in SESE (History,Geography and Science).

How will Home Economics be useful to me?

You will be able to use information you have studied in your everyday life; from looking after yourself,to shopping and caring for others. You will be more experienced at managing your resources and your time. There are many jobs and careers that you can work in, e.g. chefs/cooks, catering, fashion and textiles, child care,teaching,food industry,tourism, and health and nutrition.

Will Home Economics be very different afterthe Junior Certificate?

In Leaving Certificate Home Economics you will study the core areas in greater detail:

  • Food Studies
  • Resource Management and Consumer Studies
  • Social Studies.

You will also choose to study an elective area:

  • Home Design and Management
  • Textiles, Fashion and Design
  • Social Studies.

Will Home Economics have anything to do with other subjects I will be studying?

Yes, it will.You will find links with Science, SPHE, Physical Education,Art,Craft,Design and Business Studies.

[Information sourced from ncca.ie]

Home Economics Course

The home economics course consists of two sections.

A common course covering five areas of study and a compulsory project.

The common course covers the following:

1.       Textile studies

2.       Consumer studies

3.       Food studies and culinary skills

4.       Social and health studies

5.       Resource management.

The compulsory project can be taken from any of the following: Textile skills, childcare, design and craftwork.

The written exam exams the students on the following:

1.       Textile studies

2.       Consumer studies

3.       Food studies and culinary skills

4.       Social and health studies

5.       Resource management.

The Junior Cert higher level exam is two and half hours long and students are required to answer four long question in Section B and twenty short questions from Section A.


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Exam Breakdown

Past Exam Breakdown Higher Level

HOME ECONOMICS – SCIENTIFIC AND SOCIAL Leaving Cert  Higher Level Topics- 2 hours 30 minutes -300 marks total
1. SECTION A - 80 marks.
Answer 20 (twenty) questions from Section A. All questions carry equal marks.
2. Answer the questions in the space provided.
3. The completed answer sheets for Section A must be returned to the examination superintendent.
4. SECTION B - 220 marks.
Answer 4 (four) questions from Section B. All questions carry equal marks.
YEAR 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
Section A: Short Questions        
  Nutrients persons energy requirements source of high biological value protein person’s food choices Fatty Acids healthy eating guidelines.
  Food High Iron increase fibre in the diet vitamins nutrients: Basal Metabolic Rate why a teenager may become a vegetarian
  effects of cooking on cereals empty kilocalories/energy balance reducing the intake of sugar cereal grain Define Coeliac condition effects of cooking on fish
  dietary guidelines TYPE OF SOUP terms displayed on food packaging classifications of fish factors that contribute to the spoilage of fish classifications of cheese
  ways to reduce the loss of nutrients uses of cheese effects of heat on milk cross contamination EU grading classes used for fruit and vegetables Explain terms
  What is a marinade? type of milk parts of the egg food is processed Classify soups type of flour
  consumer rights changes which have influenced shopping patterns function of the national consumer agency information does this symbol give to the consumer conditions required for the growth of moulds office of the Ombudsman
  advantages of household budgeting symbol give to the consumer information does this symbol give to the consumer deductions from an employee’s gross income commercial methods of freezing difference between gross income and net income
  What information does this symbol give to the consumer? examples of credit buying advantages of advertising Consumers’ Association of Ireland Supplementary Welfare Allowance good quality service
  examples of how supermarkets encourage consumers to spend money consumers can make a positive difference to the environment letter of complaint to a retailer services paid for by taxation Insurance Explain terms with pay
  gender equality/stereotype parts of the male reproductive system stages of human development consumer terms Office of Consumer Affairs digestive system
  function of blood cells factors that promote educational developmen female body parts reduce a person’s risk of coronary heart disease. safety considerations for textiles for household purposes alcohol abuse on society
  effects of alcohol on the body guidelines to ensure healthy teeth and gums types of permanent teeth respiratory system Section B female reproductive system:
  What are human resources? steps have been taken to reduce alcohol consumption why young people abuse substances Explain terms Human Meat Consumption 2002 functions of the lungs.
  What guidelines should be followed when using and storing cleaning agents? why good lighting is important in the home local amenities positive peer pressure More than one in three Irish women do not get enough calcium safety precautions when using electricity
  Give two advantages of good lighting in the home. biodegradable waste first aid treatment for a minor burn actions in the event of a gas leak convenience foods  types of accommodation for a student  away from home
  kitchen appliances methods of heat transfer waste management why houses should be insulated Family try to apply a management system soft furnishings used in the home.
  State the advantages of using fashion accessories room planning methods of conserving water colours Irish Constitution (Article 41) the State recognises the family as the natural, primary and fundamental unit group of society inorganic waste
  body measurements that are required when buying jeans influences fashion trends functions of clothing consumers can reduce the pollution Section 7 stains may be removed from a cotton jersey:
  machine stitches Name the stitch shown in the diagram ways to accessorise an outfit fashion terms Alternative methods of heating the home  why the thread may break when using a sewing machine
  method of removing the following stains from clothing function of biological detergent/fabric conditioner fabric care symbols indicate property of linen Design of modern housing. embroidery stitches
  sewing terms symbol give to the consumer uses of types of fabric suitable finishes  to fabric Good lighting is an essential part of successful interior design following fabric care symbols indicat
  stitch and use Explain the following textile terms Name the stitch shown guidelines when washing a delicate item Well designed clothes desirable properties of each of the following textile items
    when caring for a sewing machine methods of transferring pattern neatening a flat seam fabric made from manufactured fibres methods of transferring pattern
Section B    
  1.Tinned fish and fish as nutrients  1. Meat- nutritional composition of red meat 1. Soup- nutritional composition of soup etc. 1. Vegetables 1. Milk 1. Porridge Oatflakes
  2.Home Baking 2.Food processing 2.Fish 2.Eggs 2.Vegetarian diets 2.microorganisms
  3. Packaging 3.Consumer Information  3. Income and budgeting 3.Consumer 3.shopping outlets 3.advertising
  4.Digestive system 4. Circulatory System 4. Skin 4. human development 4. types of permanent teeth 4. types of families
  5.Planning a kitchen 5. Technology in the home 5. Planning Study bedroom 5. Microwaves 5. methods of heat transfer 5. Fire prevention in the home
  6.Fibres/Wool 6. Household Textiles 6. Natural Fabrics 6. Fabric for Physical Education 6. sewing machine 6. Wool is a popular natural fibre


Past Exam Breakdown Ordinary Level

HOME ECONOMICS – SCIENTIFIC AND SOCIAL Junior Cert  Ordinary Level Topics- 2 hours -240 marks total
SECTION A - 80 marks.
Answer 16 (sixteen) questions from Section A.
All questions carry equal marks
SECTION B - 160 marks.
Answer 4 (four) questions from Section B.
All questions carry equal marks.
YEAR 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
Section A: Short Questions
  sources of fibre in the diet. reducing the intake of sugar sources of fibre sources of iron Fat in diet
  ways of reducing the intake of fat in the diet vitamins statements is true or false sauces are served with food statements is true or false
  reasons why it is important to eat a healthy breakfast food pyramid nutrients: sweet/savoury types of milk
  fish Explain  terms why some foods are cooked garnish/raising agent LEFT-OVER FOOD
  uses of eggs in cooking. sauce usually with roasted meats garnish suitable types of packaging rub-in/seasoning
  What information does this symbol convey to the consumer? using credit to pay for goods teenagers are influenced to spend money shopping on the internet types of credit
  sources of consumer information statements is true or false consumer rights statements is true or false. correct word from the following list
  advantages of saving money information does this symbol give to the consumer symbol give to the consumer symbol give to the consumer methods used to advertise goods
  true or false. outlets  which provide goods or services methods of advertising What is impulse buying? symbol convey(give) to the consumer
  physical change that occurs in boys/girls during adolescence advantages of using a bank account basic human needs major expenses that should be included in a household budget saving options you would use to save for a school trip.
  Ovulation is regular exercise correct word from the following list Physical development means personal hygiene products
  the nuclear/extended family why teenagers smoke cigarettes high self-esteem means guidelines to have a healthy lifestyle. ways of protecting the skin from the sun
  benefits of taking regular exercise  body terms personal hygiene guidelines respiratory system effects of stress on teenagers
  Colours symbol give to the consumer causes of accidents in the home reproductive system organic waste or inorganic waste
  type of insulation statements is true or false. colours symbol give to the consumer type of insulation
  which a consumer can protect the environment first aid kit items FORM OF INSULATION electrical appliances has a heating element first aid treatment for a minor cut
  functions of clothing symbols mean Name the stitch home fire safety equipment  fabrics is natural or man-made
  different fabric suitable for each of the following items of clothing why curtains are used in the home buying clothes symbol give to the consumer two embroidery stitches
  3 rules that should be followed when using a steam iron The selvage is Embroidery is used using a sewing machine material used to give shape to a garment
  Stitches rules  when using a sewing machine transfer pattern markings statements is true or false fabric care symbols
Section B
  1.Diet 1. Eggs 1. Breakfast 1. Fresh Fruit Salad 1. cheese
  2.Milk is a very important food in the diet 2.Fruit or vegetables 2.cereal grain 2. COMPOSITION OF OILY FISH 2.Country Garden Soup
  3.methods of advertising 3.type of packaging on goods 3.budget 3. You plan to buy yourself a new camera 3.Respiration cigarettes
  4.Skin 4. Puberty 4. types of teeth 4. family 4. packaging of goods
  5.Refrigerator 5. selecting and buying a cooker 5. hygienic home 5.Water is a basic household service 5. decorate a child’s bedroom
  6.Textiles in the home 6. why we wear clothes 6. sewing machine. 6. pair of curtains 6. why we wear clothes


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