The Exams Are Starting: How to Pass, Part II

Author: Dan Keating/23 May 2018/Categories: Leaving Cert, Junior Cert, Parents, Internet Safety

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How can I pass my Leaving Certificate?

The Exams Are Starting: How to Pass, Part II

In this series of blogs we consider everything you need to know and do to perform in the exams about to begin, continuing with how to pass.

You’d think that knowing everything you can about the subject, being on time for the exam, and answering as many questions as the time allows would be enough, right?

Well you’d be wrong. Here is Part II of our expert guide on how to pass an exam. Any exam.

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The Exams Are Starting: How to Study, Part II

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4) Tailor your revision

As you practise completing the exam and how to pass it, note the gaps in your skills and knowledge. Target these with extra practice and study so that you can maximise your marks in your weaker questions/sections come exam day.

5) During the exam, stick to your plan

It’s exam day, you’re ready, you’ve done the work, and you open the paper. But it’s not what you’re expecting.

Don’t panic. Remember your preparation, planning, and practise, and stick to these as best you can.

Returning to our example, even if you don’t like ‘A’ and ‘C’, and ‘B’ seems like an easier section, still answer either ‘A’ or ‘C’ first, then the other.

6) Watch the clock

Remember your timing. Even if your first section isn’t going that well and you feel like you need to do more to achieve the marks you want, move on once its time is up.

Complete the other section worth equal marks as best you can, then give the last section your best shot.

If you finish with time left over, you can return to your first section to go after extra marks.

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