Leaving Cert English: Reading Comprehension, Study Less !

Study Less, Practice More !

leaving cert english reading comprehension

It’s not often I recommend less study, but out of all the questions on your English Leaving Cert paper, this question requires practice and polish rather than the hours of study that goes into your Paper 2  work.


In other words, write to impress and show off your mastery of language!


This question is worth 50 marks. The purpose of this question is to test your overall understanding of a text and the quality of your English, so it’s time to show off. Students sometimes feel that this section is hard to study for as there is no specific text, but in reality that’s the beauty of it.


You will have three texts to choose from. I always tell students to choose their question B first and then choose their question A from the remaining two texts. You cannot answer A and B on the same text.

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