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Study Skills Step 1 - Learning Styles and Personalities

To learn how to study properly involves finding out what is your particular learning style, choosing your study technique that suits individual and practise learning in a variety of ways and methods.
Over the next 10 weeks Mocks.ie will provide you with 10 necessary steps to study success. These involve:
Step 1: Learning Style and Personalities
Step 2: Achieve your goals
Step 3: Year Planner
Step 4: Primal Spot. Find your space to study
Step 5: Organize your study time
Step 6: Read for meaning
Step 7: Note taking strategies
Step 8: Write for good results
Step 9: Planning and writing an essay
Step 10: Plan your revision

Why Bother with Study Skills?

The run up to the class tests and exams can be a stressful and difficult time thus anything that will improve your ability to study well is worth considering.

Making study worth your while
You need to feel it is worth your while to invest the time, commitment, energy and application required to succeed in your studies. You need a clear purpose to keep your motivation and commitment high. You also need to learn how to use good organisational skills and effective study techniques. These will help you to:
•    make more efficient use of your study time,
•    make your learning easier and more effective,
•    feel the work involved is worth the effort,
•    increase your chances of doing well in examinations.

Changing your future
Decide now what you want, and then put in place a plan of action that will help you to achieve your goals. It may not be easy all the time, but it is certainly possible. You are the one who is ultimately responsible for your achievements, and it will be your determination and hard work that sees you through.

Step 1. Learning Styles and Personalities
Objective: To examine you’re learning preferences to see how you can change your learning methods and styles to improve your learning capabilities.
The traditional and somewhat narrow view of intelligence considered academic ability, or intelligence quotient (lQ), to be the main factor in determining who was "bright" or intelligent. More recently, this view has quite rightly been challenged, and it is now more commonly accepted that intelligence is in fact multi-faceted, and not a simply a matter of academic ability. There are different forms of intelligence e.g. ,physical, as in a top class football player, or an athlete. Just as top class athletes or footballers work to develop their abilities and skills, so you too can work to develop your learning capacity. It is important to find out where you’re strengths and your weaknesses as a learner lie.

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