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How the Irish created a Gaelic State in the 1920's: A Step-by-Step Guide!

So, a country finally wins independence after centuries of struggle and hardship – but what’s one of the first things that a country might do with its new-found freedom? Well, in Ireland’s case during the 1920s and 1930s, one of the first priorities of the Irish Free State was to create a new form of Irish national identity… but how?

Step 1: The government decided on what kind of country Ireland should be…

In Ireland’s case, it would be Gaelic and Catholic.

Step 2: Reviving the Irish language…

Most Sinn Féin leaders wanted Ireland to speak Gaelic, but the after hundreds of years of British colonial rule, the Irish language had gone into decline.

Step3: Revivalism part 1…

Ok, so the government decided that the Irish language needed to be revived – hence the term ‘revivalism’ - but how does one make this a reality? First things first: change the names of places and things from English to Irish. Then, make Irish a compulsory subject in schools, and reward students with extra marks if they answer in Irish – that way everybody must speak it.  

Step 4: Revivalism part 2 …

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